Four Winds K9: the nose for your safety

Four Winds Policedog Center is a specialized training centre in the Netherlands, Europe. We are specialized in sale of fully trained types of police/service dogs. 

We now work for at least 20 years for government agencies and multinationals all over the world.

Next to the training of the dogs, we are also very experienced in the establishment and attending high quality K9 units abroad. This includes training and certifying (local) dog handlers, advising on kennel units, vehicles and furnishing all necessary K9 training materials. Furnishing dogfood is also a possibility. 

Four Winds Policedog Center also can deliver certified K9 teams, available 24/7 for incidents or events in the Netherlands or abroad. 

Four Winds K9

Tonny & Linda Boeijen

Bergstraat 2a

5386 KL Geffen (Noord Brabant)

The Netherlands

Mob. Tonny: 0031- (0)6-53487724

Mob. Linda: 0031-(0)6-54944403
Tel kennel: 0031- (0)73-5322443


Mob. Nigeria: +234-706 459 4033 / +234-815 843 2348

Mob. Erbil: +964-750 744 9514

Mob. U.A.E.: +971 -505 549 468