Body worn / Camera Explosives Dog – (CaEDD)

The Body-worn EDD -  is a standard explosives detection dog with additional abilities and training to;

  • detect carried or body-worn explosives
  • be able to work independently on a long distance with help of hand signals or voice commands
  • Additional the dog can be trained to  work with an advanced camera system

The dog scents the plume of air coming off a person, so called ‘air scenting’. The dog detects the
explosives air scent and follows this scent indicating the person or piece of luggage. The dog is trained to indicate his trainer where the scent comes from.

The Camera EDD wears a camera on its head as the back-up team watches the dog’s progress from a distance, on a portable video screen. It is also possible to link the video to an advanced video / record system.

This type of dog will only be delivered to ‘advanced’ K9 units, after a complete evaluation of the situation.

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