Search and Rescue Dogs (SARs)

The SAR dogs, or Search & Rescue dogs have recently completed our training program at Four Winds. 

The demand for these kind of dogs has increased a lot, especially in war zones or disaster areas.

The dogs are trained on human scent. The breeds used for this kind of work, are usually shepherd (German, Dutch or Malinois), but we can also recommend Labrador Retrievers or smaller types of hunting dogs or Terriers. The SAR dogs must be flexible, strong dogs by nature, and also be in very good and healthy condition. The area where a SAR dog needs to be able to work, is reasonable to extremely tough accessible. Our dogs will be trained on this kind of area; we do have access to several kinds of locations for this matter.
In particular the training in this difficult areas and the systematically seeking of it, needs a lot of effort and training for both dogs and handlers. The character of the dogs needs to be very curious, sociable and the dog has to have a lot of courage and drive.

The dogs are being trained to give a reaction when they have found the victim. They will do this by scratching and/or barking.

The ground-cadaver search dogs are also trained at Four Winds. This kind of dog is trained on fragrances of remains. Our dogs is taught to follow a specific pattern, and give a passive reaction when localizing the specific fragrances. The noses of these dogs are so well developed, the dogs can even locate fragrance molecules of remains that have been burried for a while.

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